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Benro Vmate Bracket (BENRO-VMATE-BRACKET)

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Product Height: 12.19cm
Product Length: 3.69cm
Product Weight: 0.12kg
Product Width: 2.86cm

Benro Vmate Bracket

The Snoppa Vmate Bracket allows you to go hands free while using the Vmate. The bracket clamps around the Vmate – providing a secure grip while expanding the mounting options you have

The bracket provides access to the USB-C charging and data port while still allowing full access to the Vmate’s touchscreen. With the bracket attached the Vmate now can be connected to any number of traditional action camera mounting systems or can be screwed onto a ¼-20 threaded mounting plate or screw such as the one that is included on the Benro BK15 and many other tripod systems.

Get actively creative by putting the Vmate onto a backpack mount, suction cup mount, or any number of action camera accessories out there. You can also Go Stable with the Benro BK15 or other tripod system and capture timelapses, panoramas, motion timelapses, and more with the Vmate.

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Product Height:  12.19cm
Product Length:  3.69cm
Product Weight:  0.12kg
Product Width:  2.86cm