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delonghi perfetto from bean to cupdelonghi perfetto from bean to cup



The key for your coffee moment.

 Whenever you want to taste the best aroma, you can do it at home. From the freshest beans comes a coffee that you will never forget. Our bean-to-cup fully automatic coffee makers will take care of the freshness of your beans to make an excellent in cup result from espresso to cappuccino to many other coffee beverages.


Our film from the stars to your home.

Once upon a time there was a story of taste and pleasure, of choices and surprising sensations. Is a Perfetto story, the one that Brad Pitt lives side by side with De’Longhi together with his favorite coffee beans. And that ends with a Perfetto moment from bean to cup.


Choose the coffee machine you deserve at home



Dinamica Plus


Delonghi PrimaDonna Elite


Perfetta Evo



Fresh Coffee Beans

Delonghi “bean-to-cup” machines ensure the freshness of your favourite coffee beans for a simply perfect coffee moment at home whenever you want.

The Key to excellent coffee

How to turn your coffee beans into a fresh and fragrant taste experience? Our grinders automatically grind coffee beans to give you just the right amount of coffee powder.

Your "usual" cup at the touch of a button.

Thanks to one-touch technology, you can experiment with different recipes by setting parameters for your favourite coffee beans and selecting the desired drink.

Perfect flavour in every cup.

Perfect preparation from the start through to serving your creamy, intense coffee. The coffee-making unit will extract your drink and pour it drop by drop with love into your cup.