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Godox Studio Light Box (LST80)

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Color temperature: 5800K+/-200
Power: double light Led 40W/ triple  light LED 60W
Convenience and easy portabilityy: Yes

LED mini photography studio

LED mini photography is suitable for macro and product shooting with easy operation and free light brightness adjustment.

-With arranged light boards and high light brightness to offer time-saving and labor-saving shooting.
-Double or triple light boards whose location can be adjusted freely.
-High color re-rending index to present the object authentically.
-Shooting from various angles.
-Light and portable, easy operation and simple instillation.
-Suitable for all equipment with shooting function.

Using method:

1-Shooting from the top
2-Shooting the front side's upper window
3-Shooting the front side's lower window
4-Shooting the front side's whole window
5-Full shooting

More Information
Model LST80
Color Temperature 5800k±200K
Power 60W
Index Rendering Index CRI>96, TLCI≥98
Light Brightness 13500-14500Lumen
Weight 4.56KG
Size 80*80*80CM(32x 32x 32 inch)