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Marumi 72mm DHG Achromat Macro Lens 200 (+5) (MRDHG72-5)

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Size : 72mm
Effect: Close Up
Compatible: lenses with a 72mm filter size
Coating : Ultra-low reflective coating minimizes reflection

The Marumi 72mm DHG Achromat Macro Lens 200 (+5) gives a magnification factor or +5 and transforms a standard lens into a macro. It will also enhance the performance and capability when used in conjunction with a macro lens. This macro lens is designed to work on lenses with a 72mm filter size and simply attaches to the front of your lens. The Achromat lenses are available for all Digital SLR camera lenses and are ideal for close up photography – jewellery, nature, small electronics etc. Each lens features a special ultra-low reflection coating and a black outer edge on the lens significantly reduces glare and ghost imaging. The Marumi DHG Achromat macro lens offers fantastic levels of edge-to-edge clarity and are available in two grades: 330 (+3) and 200 (+5) and to fit a variety of sizes; from 49mm to 77mm.

More Information
Size 72 mm
TypeClose Up (macro) lens
Compatible withN/A