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The mission of Ahmed Abdulwahed Co. is to help customers finding the Smart products for their modern lifestyle by carefully sourcing the finest products for them from all over the world and present these Smart stuff in a very professional way based on certain priorities and values:

  • Unique shopping experience
  • Brands' image reinforcement

Unique shopping experience

At Ahmed Abdulwahed Co, we believe that shopping is more than just a process, it is an experience. Abdulwahed Co’s success stems from its capacity to combine different factors like team development and product excellence in terms of design and quality along with the location of stores and diversity of brands. This is what makes for a unique shopping experience at Abdulwahed Co.

Brands' image reinforcement

Abdulwahed Co. has always sustained an exceptional reputation for the brands it embraces. This would have not been achieved if it weren't for the products’ excellence and team’s effort over the years to control every single element of communication with the public to maintain our brands’ image which we believe is an asset for our company.