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Panasonic Body Trimmer Washable 3 Attachments (ER-GK60-S421)

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Trimming length approx: 0.1 mm
Attachment for groin: able to use for sensitive area
Washable: Yes
attachements: 3
charge: 8 hr
use: 40 min
Made in: Japan

Debut of a new grooming tool for gentle easy and close hair grooming especially for sensitive areas

Protective, wide-eded fixed blade

it effectively catches body hairs while preventing skin, helping to prevent the movable blade (upper blade) from touching the skin to protect it from injury. what’s more, it is easy to use to and cuts colose.

gentle to the skin

The edges of the fixed blade are wide and rounded to ensure aminimum skin irritation.the gaps on the fixed blade are also narrow, making it hard for skin to enter.

I-shaped design

Newly developed design offering an easym precise shaving with a fingertip touch.

Cut to a length of 0.1mm

The 0.1mm blade provides a close shave. unlike when using asafety razor, hairs can be directly and easily removed without the need of shaving foam.

Attachment for sensitive area

The tips of the attachment are rounded to be gentle to skin. and there’s a space of approx.
2mm between the attachment and the skin to enable a safe cutting wittout harming the soft skin in sensitive areas.

Easy length adjustment with two comb attachments

chest and leg hair can be trimmed to adesired length. two length adjustment attachments
(3mm, 6mm) are provided.

More Information
Trimming length approx 0.1 mm
Attachment for groin able to use for sensitive area
Washable Yes
Made in Japan
charge  8 hr 
use 40 min