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Weifeng-Ningbo Reversible Folding Light Stand WT-8052 (WT8052)

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- Reversible Folding Light Stand

Reversible Folding Light Stand WT-8052

Take professional photographs with this Weifeng reversible folding light stand. Standing 220 cm tall, this 5 section stand securely holds a studio light, flash head, umbrella, reflector or background support for versatility, and it folds and packs compactly into the carrying case.

1. Folded in reversible way to save closed length,versatile and compact for easy set up
2. 5-section light support with screw knob section locks
3. Perfect for studio lights, flash, umbrellas, reflector and background support
4. Offer sturdy support in the studio and easy transportation to locations shoots

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Weifeng-Ningbo Reversible Folding Light Stand